Hello Kitty Cookies

Every time I asked little girls “What kind of cookies do you like?”  99% of the responses were “HELLO KITTY”.

Hello Kitty Cookie

Therefore, I decided to give myself a try for the first time.  Since I didn’t have a Hello Kitty cookie cutter so I ended up hand cutting all the cookies.  These cookies were about 4″ width x 3″ height.  The cookies were then baked, outlined with black icing, and filled with white icing.

Hello Kitty Cookie

Once the first layer of icing dried completely, I decorated the red bow, eyes, nose and whiskers.

Hello Kitty CookieHello Kitty Cookie

Fresh out of the oven. =)

Hello Kitty Cookie

Hello Kitty Cookies were wrapped in the bag.

Hello Kitty Cookie

Hello Kitty cookies ready for delivery. =)

Hello Kitty Cookie-19
Hello Kitty Cookie

More Hello Kitty pictures on Flickr.



Hello Kitty Birthday

This cake was inspired by the birthday party theme-Hello Kitty & Balloons. I created a Hello Kitty lifted by the balloon while floating on the cloud. Since Hello Kitty’s world is full of pink color so I used pink fondant for the cake to match the theme. I made a matching bow with ribbon around the cake. This Hello Kitty figurine was molded with rice cereal treats. Hello Kitty is about 7.5″ inches tall and 12.5″ with balloon. The cake was a 8″ white cake with vanilla buttercream filling.

❤ Hello Kitty Cake ❤ Full Front View

❤ Hello Kitty Cake ❤

❤ Hello Kitty Cake ❤ Kids view

❤ Hello Kitty Cake ❤

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