What’s in the cupcake jar?

I walked into the store and saw the cupcake jar and just couldn’t believe my eyes with what I saw.  “Holy cow, it’s a Cupcake Cookie Jar & it’s soooo cute!!!”  As soon as I picked up the cupcake jar, I paused for a few second, asking myself “Do I really need one?”  Then I quickly put it right back and walked away from the baking aisle.

Cupcake Jar

You would wonder what happened.  I think most of you are going to be right.  Yes, I went back to the baking aisle and put the cupcake jar in my shopping cart.  I quickly paid so I won’t change mind again. =)  I was so excited and wanted to put something in the cookie jar.  So I decided to make some Halloween cookies since it’s coming up soon.

Cupcake Jar

Want to take guess of what’s in the cookie jar?






“TA-DA !!!!!!”

It’s candy corn cookies with orange zest in it and it tasted flavorful.  Halloween is less than a week away and it’s a perfect time to be festive.  I couldn’t be happier.  =)
Thanks for checking out my blog and please stay tune for more Halloween updates this week.

Cupcake Jar

Thank You,


Basketball Theme Birthday Party

I was approached by Jamie from Coquette Events to make a basketball themed desserts for one year old birthday party.  This was one exciting order since I was asked to make several different desserts.  I created a basketball themed giant cupcake with fondant topper, cupcake fondant toppers, basketball cake pops, basketball cookies and Jordan III sugar cookies.  The photos were taken by Greg Ma.
Our desserts were also featured on On to Baby.

Giant Cupcake with Fondant Topper
Basketball Theme Giant Cupcake with Topper

Basketball Cake Pops
Basketball Cake Pops

Basketball Cake Pops

Jordan III Shoe Cookies
Jordan III Sugar Cookies

Basketball Themed Party
Basketball Theme Birthday Party

Basketball Theme Giant Cupcake