Wedding Cookies

Weddings are always sweet and loving. What’s more sweet than having matching bride and groom cookies? I made these cookies for a bride as a surprise.  When she saw the cookies, she couldn’t believe her eyes and said “that’s so beautiful and the cookie matches my dress.”  I just couldn’t believe these cookies can make someone so happy.

The Bride & Groom Cookies
Wedding Bride & Groom Cookies

Bride dress sugar cookies
Wedding Dress Cookie

Wedding Dress Cookies

Wedding cake sugar cookies
Wedding Cake Cookie

My best wishes to the newlywed & happily ever after!!
Wedding Cookies Wrapped

~Maggie ♥


Hello Kitty Cookies

Every time I asked little girls “What kind of cookies do you like?”  99% of the responses were “HELLO KITTY”.

Hello Kitty Cookie

Therefore, I decided to give myself a try for the first time.  Since I didn’t have a Hello Kitty cookie cutter so I ended up hand cutting all the cookies.  These cookies were about 4″ width x 3″ height.  The cookies were then baked, outlined with black icing, and filled with white icing.

Hello Kitty Cookie

Once the first layer of icing dried completely, I decorated the red bow, eyes, nose and whiskers.

Hello Kitty CookieHello Kitty Cookie

Fresh out of the oven. =)

Hello Kitty Cookie

Hello Kitty Cookies were wrapped in the bag.

Hello Kitty Cookie

Hello Kitty cookies ready for delivery. =)

Hello Kitty Cookie-19
Hello Kitty Cookie

More Hello Kitty pictures on Flickr.


Made in NY Baby Shower Cookies

Dream Cakes created the “Made in NY” apple sugar cookies, taxi cookies and fondant cake topper for a very unique baby shower.  The apple cookies were customized to match the invitation. Please check out Coquette Events for more event details.  Congratulations to Andrea & her family!!  Photos were taken by Vero Suh Photography.

Made in NY Apple Cookie
New York Apple

Taxi Cookies
New York Taxi

Table Setting
Dessert Table
Dessert Table Side View

8″ fondant cake topper for grandma’s birthday
8" Apple Fondant Topper






Thomas Theme Birthday

Thomas theme cake, cupcakes and cookies are preschoolers’ favorite.  This cake was customized for a 4 year old birthday party at school.  It was a surprise for all the kids and they couldn’t take their eyes off the cake.   Every kid was trying to figure out where the train track is going and admiring the details on Thomas.  Some child even noticed the number on Thomas was different.  The cake was a two layer 6″ pound cake filled with whipped chocolate frosting and covered with fondant.  The Thomas figurine was made out of fondant and it was 100% edible.  The cupcake with fondant topper symbolized the smoke from the engine and I created name and age to made the setting more personal.  The decorated Thomas sugar cookies were about 4-5 inches and they were given to each child as a party favor.  Overall, it was such an amazing experience to see different reactions form the children and how much they enjoy the cake.

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train

Thomas the Train

Basketball Theme Birthday Party

I was approached by Jamie from Coquette Events to make a basketball themed desserts for one year old birthday party.  This was one exciting order since I was asked to make several different desserts.  I created a basketball themed giant cupcake with fondant topper, cupcake fondant toppers, basketball cake pops, basketball cookies and Jordan III sugar cookies.  The photos were taken by Greg Ma.
Our desserts were also featured on On to Baby.

Giant Cupcake with Fondant Topper
Basketball Theme Giant Cupcake with Topper

Basketball Cake Pops
Basketball Cake Pops

Basketball Cake Pops

Jordan III Shoe Cookies
Jordan III Sugar Cookies

Basketball Themed Party
Basketball Theme Birthday Party

Basketball Theme Giant Cupcake